Newtok Airport Relocation

Resources & Links

Progress on the Newtok village relocation to Mertarvik has been ongoing since 2006, led by the State of Alaska Planning & Land Management Newtok Planning Group.  The following resources and links provide additional information on the village relocation project.

The Newtok Planning Group was formed in May 2006 by the State of Alaska Division of Community and Regional Affairs, within the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, to coordinate assistance for the relocation of the community to a new village site on Nelson Island, called Mertarvik.  The Planning Group has convened regularly since its formation, working with Newtok and across agencies to leverage resources, secure funding, and to establish a framework and strategy for moving the relocation process forward. The Planning Group and Newtok relocation efforts include:


For a full list of reports and resources, please visit the Newtok Planning Group website at: